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Don't put your handbag on an unsanitary restaurant floor, or on the back of your chair when dining out—Pavina Hangbag Holders are the most stylish and elegant way to protect and display your purse!

Made of premium quality materials, Pavina's classic jeweled designs are hand set with the highest quality, genuine Swarovski crystals and stones. All designs are stress tested to hold 25 lbs. Each comes with a pouch, gift box, and instructions for use.

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What We Offer:
Pavina Handbag Holders are the ultimate in luxury purse hooks. We specialize in elegant jeweled purse hangers, upscale purse hangers, unique laptop holders, Swarovski crystal purse accessories, lead-free fashion purse jewelry, enameled purse hangers, semi-precious stone purse accessories, stylish purse keychain charms, high-end handbag jewelry, celebrity designer purse hangers, handbag holders perfect for your gucci, chanel. prada, marc jacobs, coach, louis vuitton handbags. See our designs for the latest in high end handbag accessories.